Top 5 Best Workout Headphones For You In 2020

Looking for some decent quality sport headphones? Look no further because in here, we have picked out for you 5 of the most sought-after exercise-oriented headsets on the global market. They definitely acquire the best attributes in multiple aspects.

They combine so fine functionality and affordability, providing endless workout sessions with exciting music background. Since especially engineered for athletic people, these pairs are definitely “tougher” than general ones, with exceptionally strong features of sweat resistance and battery life.

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

You know Bose, and Bose do not let you down. They have this amazing wireless line tailored for sport addicts, offering powerful music sessions to lighten up your boring workout. Weighing only 0.8oz, this in-ear pair is unbelievably lightweight, encouraging you during the most intense running or jogging hours.

Coming in beautiful colors of aqua, black, citron and red, SoundSports are the perfect match for you and your workout outfits. These products are sold with a charging case, which allows painless and convenient storing and carrying around.

Despite being wireless, these phenomenal in-ears are reported to have no problem in connectivity when they feature easy and quick Bluetooth and NFC pairing. Eartips are guaranteed to stay put, while battery enables 6 hours of non-stop music playing. And of course, they are waterproof, and are integrated with a micro for easy hands-free call answering.

Jaybird X3 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Jaybird is also not an unfamiliar name if you are lovers of music and always have an eye for high quality audio accessories. One of their most outstanding headphones sets are X3s, which win the hearts of global customers.

Being able to function up to 8 hours of continuous music playing or call answering, Jaybird gives you various options to pick from when manufacturing them in all main shades of white, black, red and green. X3s are praised for having universal fit eartips made from silicon, locking in the tips and locking out the noises during physical activities.

Not just designed to be sweat-proof, weather is also no problem to X3s no matter it is pouring rain or fleeting snow because they have a hydrophobic nano-coating. Charging literally just takes a quarter of hour, so you can also count on these X3 to fulfill your exercise experience in a long time to come.

Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Another much-loved product from the mid-range market is the wireless in-ears from the brand Powerbeats3. Prices vary a bit with different colors, but there is no foolish choice when they are all in magnificent hues of black, white, blue, yellow and red.

The ear-hooks easily secure the pair in your head during motion, providing ultimate freedom and free you from the hassle of cord tangling. These pairs connect via Bluetooth in a heartbeat, while offering you a staggering 12 HOURS in power-on mood with just about 30min charging.

And for sure they are sweat and water resistant, so no need to worry when using the device outside in bad weather. What do we have in the box?: the earphones, eartips with four (4) size options, carrying case, universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B, Quick Start Guide and a warranty card.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

One of the most widely recognized mid-end product must be these lovely headsets from your favorite brand – Plantronics.

They are especially designed to stay secured in your ears, while remain being super comfy and compact. They offer endless benefits for sport people like moist resistance, long battery life, high quality audio delivery and aestheticism.

These extra flexible and functional BackBeats are the perfect choice for you. Fitting but not completely blocking out noises, these in-ears still enable you to hear surrounding sounds when working out, because your safety is their top priority. The control panel lets you easily make options of song switching and call receiving.

Unlike other models, these BackBeats come with an armband, so you can easily fold up and store the gear when you have finished using it. Battery lasts for an incredible 8 straight hours, which is quite equivalent to 2 or 3 workout sessions.

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Sport IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Sport Earbuds

In spite of having a surprisingly reasonable price, Sport IPX7 still have what it takes to be in this list of top 5 most-wanted sport headphones of the year. Designed towards music and sport lovers with a smaller budget, Sport IPX7 still perform as well as any other high end products.

Wireless technology is on point with excellent Bluetooth operation, while the built-in HD microphone provides an easy way for communication while working out. A selling point of this product – their eartips – fit heavenly and stay put regardless of how long you wear them.

Unlike other headsets, Sport IPX7 do feature the intelligent CVC6.0 noise cancellation for high quality, hands-free phone conversation. Users enjoy up to 9 hours music on continuous playback – which may vary a bit depending on the volume.

Guide on how to pick the best headphones for workout purpose

Exercising is not all glamorous and effortless as we see in TV shows and magazines. There is a lot of hard work and sweat, and sometimes there is only you working out alone.

That is when you should have a company for further motivation and less loneliness, that is when a good pair of workout headphones comes in handy. Exercising on music background has been proven to be very productive on self-discipline encouraging.

Working on your elliptical machine or running on your treadmill can be fun and exciting when you have the special assistance of these lovely headphones equipment. You know sweating out with Taylor Swift music in your ears is much better than miserably running out of breath in dead silence, so here we are with this helpful article on how to pick out the best headsets for exercise.

Once you set out the most important criteria, which is workout-suitable, the hard work is halved; especially with us here sharing these crucial tips to you.

Headphones or earphones?

How headsets are designed nowadays is so versatile, but it basically boils down to full-size headphones with sufficient headband and earmuffs, or more compact designs of earphones with light-weight earbuds. We all know their advantages and disadvantages.

Fully equipped headphones obviously offer security and fitness to your ears and head, giving out more natural and authentic audio quality. However, they are undeniably cumbersome, and there is the problem with perspiration accumulating on your ears and the device itself.

On the other hand, earbuds are often preferred more by sport people because they are lighter and so much compact. But with the small design, it is tricky when it comes to ear-fitness, these delightful light-weight products make you feel like wearing nothing, but they are also more inclined to fall out.

Tips on choosing full-size headphones

Speaking of headphones, we should go to details that there are two types: over-ears and on-ears. Over-ear designs are obviously more comfortable when they support your whole ear areas, so regardless of how big or small your ears are, they can be fully supported being all comfy and snuggly.

And of course over-ears offers better sound quality. If you are a fan of more delicate and less bulky products, go with on-ear headsets. Being considered a perfect hybrid of over-the-ear and earbuds, on-ear headphones are such good picks for you.

But bear in mind that these on-ears do not have that first-rated audio quality to offer, and their frame structure can cause pressure on your ears and head after extended time of using.

Guide on opting for the optimal earphones

Well, it goes without saying, if you head for earbuds, the first and foremost important factor to consider is fitness. I cannot stress enough how finding securely fitting earbuds is of utter importance.

Imagine when you go biking or running, and every 20 seconds or so you have to stop or slow down because the buds just keep falling out, how annoying and discouraging that would be. We do not want your workout spirit to be demolished. Or you can go with a safer choice and pick the buds with the hooks. With hook support, they are not likely to fall out, but some might find wearing these a bit uncomfortable.

Go wireless, why not?

Or you can go with the wireless option, when they offer both practicality and comfort. All good things combine in one product when they are light-weight and fit, deliver decent and solid audio performances.

There is no hassle of jack cord getting all tangled or earbuds falling out constantly. But again, every coin has 2 sides. These wonderful compact, convenient and functional pairs can cause some sorts of friction to your neck skin if being worn a long time.

Sweat resistance

One very important feature that workout people should take into consideration is the sweatproofness level. Perspiration while exercising is inevitable, you just have to find the good pair of sweat resistant headsets, so your activities do not be interfered in any way. Mentioning headsets with top-notch waterproof level, we cannot leave out ones of famous brands like Jaybird, Beats, Skullcandy, Bose or Plantronics.

That is sweat-proof products for people working out on the ground, if you are more of a water person, these water- submersible pairs are perfect for you swimmers. There are some, and we can recommend a few names here like Bragi The Dash Pro, FX-Sport VR-1, Sony Smart Trainer or Finis Duo. They are totally down with being fully under water and working just fine.

Hands-free call answering

If you are a busy person and also have phone calls to pick up even while working out, no worry because there are microphone-integrated headsets for you. They are manufactured to sync with your smartphones and can be easily controlled with a single click in the button.