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How to use headphones without hurting your ears

Headphones have become an important part of our lives when they allow audio experience anytime anywhere in a very convenient and economical way. But with the plethora of products currently available on the market, users are so familiar with having headphones aside, that sometimes they forget to read or find out proper usage instruction. With

How to know if your headphones have good bass feature

General listeners would not be too strict when it comes to headphones, they probably just need the functional and durable ones. But to bassheads, bass-enhancing features are of utter importance, they do not care much about noise cancellation or wireless connectivity. All headphones and earphones are featured with the special bass enhancement, and here is

How to choose the perfect gaming headsets

Gameheads assemble! If you guys gamers are looking for a guide on how to opt for the perfectly well functional, compact-designed, flexibly adjustable and bass-enhancing headsets to level your gaming passion up, stop here. We have tested several models ourselves and done the research, gathering quite useful tips for you in this article of how