How to eye the perfect pairs of headphones and earphones

Music has been a good friend of us, many have said that music saves lives. For people like us spending lots of time listening to music on our headsets, it is better that we invest seriously in a decent pair of headphones/earphones, so they run well functionally and stably for a long time.

When it comes to picking up the right ones, there are a lot of factors to consider like forms and styles, functions, sound quality, prices, pros and cons of each type of headsets. First, we should decide which type you prefer more: earbuds or headphones. We all know about their benefits and shortcomings. While earphones are for people who do not necessarily wish to get top audio quality but want more of the products’ compactness; headphones people look for a better audio transmitting device and comfort to the ears. Earbuds are likely to fall out and headphones are bulky and heavy, so bear in mind these advantages and disadvantages before putting one in the trolley.

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Generally, headphones often have higher price tags, and are critical for people working with audio/recording tasks; and there are various types of them, which can be divided in these main types: semi-open, fully closed. wireless, noise-cancelling, sport headphones and DJ headphones. Comfort and fit is one crucial element, considering that you might wear the device on your head for a long time. With fully closed models, you should go with ones equipped with large and well-padded earmuffs. Headband also plays an important role when it comes to total comfort, and here we have over-the-head and behind-the-neck styles, and of course behind-the-neck offers more flexibility and adjustment. Normally, headphones last for quite a while. But bear in mind that the heavier the pairs the longer they last. But there are almost always carrying cases equipped with in the package. Now many headphones are cleverly designed to be foldable with a hedge, so storing and carrying them would not be much of a problem. For wireless models, it is so much easier and convenient to access to your music anywhere without the hassle of tangling cords, but remember that the music stops when the battery runs out. Headphones with active noise-canceling technology eliminate ambient noise, which are preferred by many. But above all, sport headphones lies on top of the most purchased list. Especially manufactured for athletic people, these products do not just deliver top-notch audios but are also sweat-resistant/waterproof.

Earphones, on the other hand, offer another level of compactness and flexibility. There are also the wired and and wireless earphones, which for example are AirPods of Apple or Skybuds of Alpha Wired earbuds. They are very compact and lightweight, normally equipped with a microphone and track navigation control. Spare eartips are often provided in the pack also, so you can always find the right size for your ears. The wireless models are on trend, but they do get lost quite easily.

That is quite a comparison for you to see the differences, pros and cons of each style of headsets. You have read the basic features of each type, and before making the decision, remember that you get what you pay for.

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