How to know if your headphones have good bass feature

General listeners would not be too strict when it comes to headphones, they probably just need the functional and durable ones. But to bassheads, bass-enhancing features are of utter importance, they do not care much about noise cancellation or wireless connectivity. All headphones and earphones are featured with the special bass enhancement, and here is an inclusive article on how to pick out the best set for you bass lovers.

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What is bass?

Before going into details, we should have a general overview of what bass is. The simple definition of bass is that it is low-pitched sound produced by low frequency, and thus, has long wavelength sound waves. Simply put, bass is what can make things around you vibrate when the sounds are played. General models of headsets normally just acquire a standard level of bass functionality, so people often have to buy bass amplifiers.

Noise cancellation can also contribute to the bass performance when this intelligent function can mistakenly cancel out good quality sounds of bass. Generally, noise-cancelling headphones would enable better bass performance compared to earphones.

Does size matter?

Producers have come to a conclusion that the larger the device the better the bass is. But that creates a problem when compactness does not go along with bass quality, manufacturers are torn apart between whether to guarantee the compact design or enhance bass feature and surely they compromise. But all bass-enhanced models of headphones are typically quite bigger than the other lines of normal wireless-connectable and noise-cancelling models.

General headphones often have elevated bass response, which can simply be understood as bass and other audio signal are boosted at the same time, but turning up the volume is not equivalent with the bass is enhanced. The whole mechanism of bass enhancement integrated into the headsets is much more complicated than that, and any true audiophile knows that quality comes with the price. The more you are willing to pay, the better product you are going to get. Bass boost in headphones is crucial in bass enhancement feature. With it, your headsets can create a fuller sound, despite the fact that some sound distortion may appear.


For your reference, here are some good brands which are famous products with strong punchy pass: Beats, Dr. Dre, JVC, Yamaha, Sennheiser, Foster, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and the list goes on. Among them, products of Yamaha, Foster, Denon and Beats are considered high-ends, and others like JVC, Sennheiser or Panasonic belong to the mid-range market.

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