MEE audio Pinnacle P1 Review

MEE is a famous manufacturer of mid-range headphones. They have made a phenomenal move when introducing MEE audio Pinnacle P1, which definitely belongs to a high-end market. With the name suggesting the quality, the piece is one of the most sold-out products of MEE. This in-ear pair is definitely one of them flagship high quality of supremacy, which focuses on both appearance and audio quality.

What’s in the box?

MEE audio Pinnacle P1
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The first impression that P1s bring is really extraordinary, they truly have one of the coolest design for earphones. The housing is made of zinc alloy, serving a super chick display. Despite of that, they are not heavy at all, the earbuds and cords are designed to be of utter beauty and compactness. They utilize the standard MMCX cord, which have so many benefits to offer like flexibility and durability. P1s’s cords are substantially thick, made of 4 small lines, which prevents microphonics to a certain extend. MEE has 2 spare cords for you in the box, one is specifically for mobile phones – such one unusual move from MEE. The pack also includes a beautiful leather carry case, making storage and carrying around a piece of cake. There are three standard silicone sets, three double-flanged silicone pairs and three Comply foam pairs, and they all made from top-notch materials, bringing out nothing but satisfaction for customers.

MEE does not just concentrate on the design, P1s’ functions are also of their top priorities. The eartips are engineered with optimal noise cancellation technology, doing an exceptionally good job of blocking out ambient noises. Pinnacle P1s are one of the best noise cancelling in-ears in the market.

Audio performance

People love MEE’s headsets because they deliver incredible sound quality. Being one high-end in-ears, no surprise when P1s offer the most enjoyable audio sessions to your ears. This flagship from MEE does not have a big focus on bass. When playing the EDM song Wizard of Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway, the low bass is easy to identify. They might not be boomy or punchy enough for dance music, but to general pop, folk, acoustic or classical genres, they definitely do the trick with the sufficient low, mid and high bass.

MEE audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile In-Ear Headphones
Photo by Amazon

To make up for the average performance of bass, P1s have pretty good treble. It does not rise up to high, roll off too soon or peak too strongly at any part. Sibalance sometimes occurs, but it cannot be considered a mistake for making the songs more unique and outstanding.

Final evaluation

These P1s are surely one hella good in-ear piece for you music fanatics. They acquire many good attributes like luxurious and durable design, various spare parts for selection and alternation, perfect fitting and surrounding noise cancellation, and most importantly impressive sound quality. Yes we will not ignore their flaws. P1s might not be a perfect match for electro music since the bass is not emphasized, but for mainstream music, they still do a good job acoustically. Another considerable downside is that the price tag can be a bit staggering.

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