MEE audio X7 Plus In-Ear Headphone Review

After reviewing multiple earphones and headphones sets and getting positive feedbacks from our readers, we decide to give an inclusive review of this super cool wireless headsets from MEE. Lately, they have this highly wanted pairs MEE audio X7 Plus, which specifically target sport people. They have the same functions of wireless connection, modern chick design and premium audio transmission quality, but the average price of MEE’s products are often just half of Sony’s and Beats’. MEE audio X7 Pluses have received countless positive feedbacks from global customers, some call them “The King of Bluetooth Connectivity”.


MEE audio X7 Plus Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear HD Headphones
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X7 Plus is probably the most attractively designed in-ear pairs from MEE. Still having the standard black color of general earphones/headphones, but these MEE audio X7 Plus housing is manufactured in such particular and individual way. The housing is considerably big, which is to store 2 Li-Poly batteries, one in each; since then the control panel is totally compact. There is a touch of titan at the seam, to make the products stand out. Plus, it is covered with a waterproof nano layer, perfecting their aestheticism and durability. The jack is also black, designed cleverly with the hooks for over-the-ear wearing purpose. These hooks are totally adjustable to suit different ear sizes. The control panel is quite a part with 2 volume and 1 hands-free call taking buttons. There is also a port for USB charging, which would take only a short time. The jack ends with a wire length adjustment, making the pairs secure-fitting and effortlessly fashionable. Generally, MEE audio X7 Plus have quite thick and surely flexible and durable. Moreover, with water resistance technology, there are so much more to expect from these phenomenal headsets.

General technological data

Two audio diaphragms are 6mm thick, providing nothing but the most dynamic audio quality with frequency ranging from 20Hz – 20kHz. There are 2 Li-Poly batteries, which enable almost 7.30 hours of music playing or 8 straights hours of phone talking. They allow 300 hours of standby running mode, while charging takes only 2 hours. With Bluetooth, we have in these devices the latest technology of 4.1, supporting A2DP, HSP, HFP, AVRCP, fetching signals well from 10 meters within. The integrated microphone is lightweight, making these whole in-ear gears only 14 grams. Wearing MEE audio X7 Plus probably does not feel comfy at first due to the big-looking housing, but the weight of the device is actually mainly supported by the hooks lying above the ears. The eartips might make you feel a bit uncomfortable at first because the cumbersome design, but the package comes with different spare versions for you to choose from. Since specifically engineered for outdoors people, it is advisable that you pick a well-fitted pair, so falling out would not happen.

Audio sound

MEE audio X7 Plus Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Sports In-Ear HD Headphones
Photo by Amazon

MEE Audio X7 Plus is generally good, working well with various types of music, having a wide range of sound field. Bass speed is medium, suiting modern music like pop, dance, not showing a strong performance for sophisticated music like metal or classical. Overall, lows, mids and highs are done just right, sufficiently powerful for workout people, but still soft and warm enough to enchant your ears. X7s are truly V-shape in-ears, which clear vocals delivered, and treble is not of any less supremacy than bass. Compared to other products of MEE, X7s have more treble than them. There is obvious roll-off, which at just a right amount for to pleasure users.


Being the only in-ear wireless Bluetooth connection from MEE, X7 Plus bring such a new wind to the headphones markets. They are of decent compactness, yet absolute comfort, quality and affordability. The design is absolutely magnificent, being all sweat-proof and snuggly. Battery lasts for impressively long hours, definitely at least 3 workout sessions. The whole pairs are surely long-lasting for years to come. However, we do have to acknowledge their drawbacks of big housing and wirelessness.

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