Skullcandy XTfree In-Ear Sport Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Review

Sports aficionados often complain that they have a hard time finding the perfect pair of workout headphones, since they all face common issues of buds falling out or unstable and heavyweight headphones. Most of them would prefer the light and compact device of earphones, which are now especially manufactured to provide full benefits for sport enthusiasts. Exercise-oriented earphones are such on-trend products now that many brands have their own lines, one of them noticeable ones must be Skullcandy’s.

The iconic name has introduced this rave-reviewed model naming XTfree – which does not only serve but enlightens your life with countless exciting audio –working out combos. No more tedious running or jogging session with absolute silence or just annoying ambient noises in the background. Not with these lovely XTFrees.


Skullcandy XTfree In-Ear Sport Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
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Famous for provision of sound quality and secure fitting, Skullcandy does not fail you this time with this amazing product for workout people. Designed to be conveniently worn behind the head, these wireless devices are integrated with an inline remote control and mic near the left. They have really eye-catching colorful silicone, which absolutely adds a bit fun to your exercise sessions when blue, green, pink, black and yellow swirl together. The dominant color displayed is still black, which goes so well with the minimalist spirit of the products.

With the control panel, you have the power of controlling On/Off mode, wireless pairing, volume up/down, play/pause and call management, it comes down to how long you press the button.
Earbuds, with MicroSport Bluetooth technology, are tailored to be as less intrusive yet securing as possible. XTfrees have the exceptional TripleLock tech, which employs 3 novel technologies of FitFin, StickyGels, Fix, which create the best fitting and securing feeling to your ears. The sticky gels do an excellent job of surrounding noise and sweat blocking, so working out with the perfect music background is possible. No more hassle of buds falling out and having to plug them in every 5 secs.

Skullcandy provides you the carrying pouch for better storage and carrying around, which includes: 4 sets of eartips in different sizes, a charging cable connecting to the left earpiece. Speaking of wireless connectivity, Bluetooth connection literally takes just a second. With full battery, these machines can run up to 6 continuous hours, which is quite a workout session for you guys. Remember that the time may vary depending on how loud you keep the audio playing.

Audio performance

Skullcandy XTfree In-Ear Sport Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
Photo by Amazon

XTfrees clearly focus on the aspect of fit and security, for being workout earphones. For sure they are not able to put out first rate sound with the best features of bass, mids and treble, but they are not bad. To make sure users do not get into any danger, surrounding sounds are not completely blocked out. Getting completely lost in your music can be fulfilling, but surely not safe when you are jogging or running out in the road.

Other features

The product’s battery last for averagely 6 hours, which can be considered not too long for a sport-oriented headset. That is equivalent to around 2 or 3 sessions of working out. Normally, the standard wireless sport headsets could work up to 8 hours. Connecting wirelessly, it can be quite troublesome because you should have your phone nearby when working out. Working out at the gym is all fine, but when it comes to running or biking outside, that can be quite a problem.


These Skullcandy XTfree are surely a very good choice for sporty people outthere looking for some decent quality earbuds that will not easily fall out during intense workout sessions. If you are looking for fit and comfort, they surely have your back. Offering pretty much everything wireless headset can do, these XTfrees are surely a bargain for you.

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