How to use headphones without hurting your ears

Headphones have become an important part of our lives when they allow audio experience anytime anywhere in a very convenient and economical way. But with the plethora of products currently available on the market, users are so familiar with having headphones aside, that sometimes they forget to read or find out proper usage instruction. With extended usage of headsets, harm to ears is inevitable. Some experience hearing problem or even temporary deafness after wearing these devices for a long time.

How to use headphones without hurting your ears
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Hearing deterioration is not strange to us young people when many of us wear these life-saving gadgets daily. According to a WHO’s report, about 1 billion people from 12 to 35 of age have a tendency to use audio devices at unsafe volume. So how to safely use our lovely earphones and headphones without ruining our ears, we are here to help you with this informative article.

1. Use eartips/earmuffs of the right size

Using unfit headets leads to ineffective noise cancellation function, letting in unwanted ambient noises. And people often just turn up the volume to hear the songs more clearly, but that is bad for our ears. You should go for the right earbuds which are tightly fit and feature decent noise cancelling technology. With in-ears, there are multiple pairs of eartips for your ears size. If you prefer headphones, opt for the closed models if you are often in public places, they block surrounding noises wonderfully.

2. Give your ears some rest

WHO gives warning that the young should use headsets maximumly only 1 hour per day, or else you are soon going to face with hearing difficulties. Stay away from those headsets once in a while during the day, they need rest too just like your eyes.

3. Volume down

Since 2013, EU has had a regulation that all private audio devices must play under 85 decibel, which means smartphones and other audio playing devices must give warning when users attempt to go above this level.

In many Android products, they will give warnings when volume reaches harmful level. With iPhones, users have to activate this function in Setting. If you do not, there is this simple rule for you: do not go over 2/3 of the volume bar.

4. Stay away from noises sources

Even if you are not a big fan of headsets, your ears can still be affected when standing next to noisy places like rock concerts, bars, train stations, airports, stadiums, etc. Considering wearing the earplugs is a good idea if you have to constantly be in those types of environment.

5. Be aware of your ears’ condition

Your hearing does not immediately disappear but more likely, gradually. That is why many people, in spite of realizing their hearing is diminishing, are still stubborn and do not go to the doctors. You yourself have to take care of your ears first by be mindful of what condition they are in and actively follow these above mentioned rules.

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